Rauf Ashraf and his passion for Arts
Rauf Ashraf’s curious journey
Rauf Ashraf’s dream comes true

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Rauf Ashraf and his passion for Arts

                                                                      Since the age of 5 Rauf Ashraf has started his journey in the world of arts. Without understanding what is art all about, Rauf Ashraf kept on drawing, be it on papers, wall, or flow, or even his hand. As rauf ashraf was a single child and there were any other children near his house. So, rauf ashraf used to spend his time with his parents or mostly alone. As a little child already Rauf Ashraf was very curious.

This curiosity raised Rauf Ashraf to a wonderful person with dedication towards arts.

This is how Rauf Ashraf ’s curious journey started

                                                                 Rauf Ashraf always like to go out with his parents in Texas. Rauf Ashraf and his parents were living in a village, in a little house with a little garden filled with different and colourful flower like anemone, bellflower, camellias, columbine, Iris, Jasmine, Orchid and many others. You just need to enter Rauf Ashraf’s property and you will be amazed and astounded by the wonderful scent of the flowers. Even Rauf Ashraf felt the same way. He was curious. Rauf Ashraf will spend every single day in his garden observing all the flowers. Rauf Ashraf loves nature so much. Whenever he spend his time inside his house, he used to draw. No Surprise, we was obviously drawing a house and his garden with lots of flowers. And of course not to be missed out: His daddy and mommy and little Rauf Ashraf sitting in the garden. Day by day, and years by year, his curiosity, longing for observe the nature and his drawing skills improved. Exactly! Rauf Ashraf started to observe all the flowers in his garden in details. Rauf Ashraf , without recognizing his talent as artist, kept on drawing flowers… Within 10 years, in the age of 15 he was such a skilled artist. He drew all different flowers which he ever caught in his property. 

Step out


Now it was Rauf Ashraf ’s time to step out of his little world. As a single boy, he enjoyed to be alone, because he never felt alone, as Rauf Ashraf was that much in to nature. Time by time, he started spending more time outside, discovering new places, little stream in his village, farmhouses, lawn and more. Rauf Ashraf used to spend his time there, observe everything in details, and once he returned back home, he used to draw it. With all the details! Yes, he was that precious and skilled. 

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rauf ashraf by Rauf Ashraf on Scribd

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