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Rauf Ashraf’s Dream


As everyone in this world, Rauf Ashraf eager to publish his art works. Rauf Ashraf just did not know how. He had wonderful parents but they did not help him out. There was a day… As usual Rauf Ashraf went for his walk. This time, Rauf Ashraf couldn’t believe, there was someone like him. A person around 50 years old. Rauf ashraf was sitting in a park, and was drawing. Rauf Ashraf couldn’t wait. He just ran to the direction of that old man. It was an artist. Rauf Ashraf was excited that he couldn’t behave himself. He just started to comment the art, how wonderful it was… The artist stopped his work and started admiring Rauf Ashraf and his passion towards arts. That artist, Almero Bueno, was that person who discovered Rauf Ashraf , his passion and skill! 

Rauf Ashraf ’s start in new life

With the age of 18, Rauf Ashraf got the unique opportunity to travel with Almero. Almero taught Rauf Ashrafwhatever he knew. Rauf Ashraf started to visit museum and saw costly and unique painting of famous artist. Rauf Ashraf ’s dream and passion for Arts is infinite, so is his aim. His one and only wish that time was to see his painting in such a museum, surrounded by a big crowd, admiring his arts of nature. This made Rauf Ashraf think of his young ages. Rauf Ashraf felt proud of his parents. His parents were not artists. Rauf Ashraf ’s parents were not interested in drawing or painting, but they loved the nature, like Rauf Ashraf . The wonderful house and garden build by Rauf Ashraf’s parents made him to that great artist. Rauf Ashraf is so thankful.


Rauf Ashraf’s dream comes true

With the support of Almero, Rauf Ashraf got THE opportunity to fulfil his dream. Rauf Ashraf got a chance to present his paintings in a museum. This was a successful start for Rauf Ashraf. Till now, Rauf Ashraf didn’t stop drawing, Rauf Ashraf kept on presenting his arts, his talent, and his love for nature, his skill and passion to this world. Nothing is impossible. Rauf Ashraf keeps proving it.

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rauf ashraf by Rauf Ashraf on Scribd